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1: SIMPLY HAVE THE CORRECT AMOUNT OF BUYING POWER  (349.99 USD ) in your RobinHood or CoinBase account.
2: FOR ROBIN HOOD USERS: Select GIFT CRYPTO and Email your generated gift link to
3: COINBASE USERS: ( If you haven't already ) Download a CoinBase Wallet here and send selected crypto to @Poorstar

Coinbase gift
Robinhood gift


This transaction is a gift exchange format via the Crypto broker(s) of your choice: Meaning Standard GAS or TAX fees still apply and may vary per trading brokerage. That said this is the most efficient and cost effective way we've found to make these new style transactions with these new currency's in these new days. We're hype you've decided to step outside the box and make your 1st or next crypto transaction with us.

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